As a working, suburban father of three children, I do not have the necessary time to spend on my investments and move in and out of them. I am lucky to have spent most of my earning years in one of the best dollar cost averaging periods in history. I came out of college in 2003 looking for a job in software development. I spent the first few years dabbling in the stock of Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Google as they were becoming household names. Unfortunately, I had spent almost no time learning anything about markets and industry disrupting stocks and didn’t hold them through thick and thin.

As luck would have it, I was not directly impacted by the fallout of the Great Financial Crisis. Because I was not impacted, I found it fascinating and remember sitting at work watching the headlines as the market crashed thousands of points a day. This is also the same time that my earning power really started to accelerate and I began to meaningfully contribute to my 401K and IRA. Over the next twelve years, the S&P went from 666 to 4419 as of 10/7/2021.

Over those 12 years, I’ve joined Stocktwits, followed people on Fintwit, listened to podcasts, read countless books, and even built a few buy/sell algorithms based on theories I’ve had. Even with all this time spent learning, I’ve never been able to dedicate consistent time to going deep and committing myself to any one method. I am hoping this blog will keep me honest and on track with two methods that I am most interested in trying out: 1) a portfolio of levered and non-levered index ETFs and 2) IPO base breakouts.