Slow start to the year

This year was supposed to start out with me focusing on my investment strategy more than in the past.  I’ve already managed not to do that.  I was in Israel on business discussing the US healthcare market, the business problem we are solving, and the integration challenges we face.  After years of hearing about Israel, I had an uneasy feeling of traveling to Tel Aviv.  To top it off, we ,very publicly, assassinated the leader of Iran’s armed forces the night before I left and Iran sent missiles to two of our bases in Iraq AND a 737 went down in Tehran the night before I came home.  Israel was a great and welcoming place with excellent cuisine but I’m not unhappy that I left before tensions escalated too much further.  

My general approach to investing this year is a combination of market trends and investing in what I know.  Working for a Fintech and being part of one of their SaaS divisions, I feel I have a good sense on what public SaaS solutions have a foothold in tech.  OKTA, TWLO, MDB, and TEAM are some of my favorites.  On the financial side, there are SQ, PYPL, V, & MA.  There are probably some smaller players that I need to become aware of.  Outside of investing in what you know, there is the concept of follow the momentum.  This is something that I first started to understand years ago when I found Howard Lindzon ( and then Stocktwits.  Stocks I like in that category are SHOP, COUP, & RNG.   

With the imminent release of fractional share investing at Robinhood, my plan is to buy weekly positions in these names.  I did not take my first positions until today and will be doing so on a less than weekly cadence because fractional shares is not yet rolled out.  

Around this main position, I am going to try my hand at swing trading.  This will be the focus of my next post and the area where I need to work on the most.  

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