Starting a journey…

I’ve been trying to be a more active investor the last 5 years but haven’t been putting in the necessary time to be successful.  I’ve tried day trading but my normal day job prevents me from managing entries and exits by the ticket.  I’ve tried swing trading but haven’t put in the work before and after the market to make that successful.  Having kids, being too involved in TV, being an integral part of a SaaS startup for the last 5 years, and trying by myself to remodel my basement has been quite the barrier to this.  

I don’t expect much of this to change but my TV service, PSVue, is closing it’s doors and we don’t anticipate buying a new service right away.  This “found” time is going to be spent reading for fun and putting in the time necessary to be a successful non-passive investor.  

This website will be my journal as I look to hold myself accountable.

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