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  • Making it on my own
    I've been on Stocktwits since the beginning in 2006 and following Howard Lindzon and other investors online for even longer.  I've had one of the best 10 year periods in the market and have benefited greatly from just increasing my savings rate.  Unfortunately, I have not had the need to really learn and understand different … Read more
  • Slow start to the year
    This year was supposed to start out with me focusing on my investment strategy more than in the past.  I've already managed not to do that.  I was in Israel on business discussing the US healthcare market, the business problem we are solving, and the integration challenges we face.  After years of hearing about Israel, … Read more
  • Starting a journey…
    I've been trying to be a more active investor the last 5 years but haven't been putting in the necessary time to be successful.  I've tried day trading but my normal day job prevents me from managing entries and exits by the ticket.  I've tried swing trading but haven't put in the work before and … Read more

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